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Brochure Printing

The big momma of your printed marketing portfolio! …introducing the Brochure.

A printed brochure is everything, – your website, your pride and joy, your successes and your ambition – rolled into one.

We all love our websites, and no doubt about it, this is your global market place. But your printed brochure is something else altogether. It’s an almost necessary companion to your online presence.

It’s lovely to be able to hand something physical to a new prospect, or distribute a beautifully designed and printed brochure to your existing clients – just to remind them of how fabulous you are!

Brochures tend to hang around too. They’re good at loitering. Once you close a website –  its closed! Gone off your screen. The thing is we all still like to flick though the hard copy – information is often easier to digest this way. Think about it, that’s why all those online stores, like The White Company, Argos, Boden and so on, still print catalogues and brochures.  It is a core and essential part to their marketing efforts. Their brochures generate big business directly and also push consumers onto their e-commerce sites.

And don’t we all enjoy a break from screen time?

Whether it’s a 4 page brochure or a 64 page brochure, the look and print finish is key. Does your brochure look interesting enough, professional enough, does it feel nice, is it a quality job?

It’s just like your choice of clothes. It says a lot about you. The wrong material clings to all the wrong places!

When it comes to printing you need to consider the paper stock, the method of printing, the finishing – the accessories for your outfit, so to speak.

Gloss or matt, spot UV or embossed, stitch or glue binding: What is it that you want to convey? Of course there is a cost element involved, but you’d be surprised how cost effective we are.

One way we can really help is our ability to print small quantities. This allows you to quickly and easily update your brochure at any time without a cost penalty.

Gone are the days when printing a lovely brochure costs a fortune. With Gemini West, we can print just four. Of course if you want to print thousands than we’re happy to oblige too!


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