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Print Finishing

Gemini West manages all the finishing processes in-house, so we are able to maintain the same quality control as we do over our printing services, and keep costs and deadlines as keen and competitive as possible.

Among our services are: die cutting, drilling holes, foil blocking, folding, lamination,  numbering, perforation, perfect binding, thermography, die stamping, rounded corners, scoring and slitting, shrink wrapping, stitching and spot UV …. plus anything else you care to mention!


We offer a range of varnishes that are often used to really improve the impact of coverings. These add to the brand in terms of making the product look more prestigious and improving durability.


is used to reduce or accentuate particular items on the printed page as well as improve durability of the item. Gloss varnish gives a shiny coating that tends to heighten the impact of photographs or particular design elements on the page. Matt varnish gives a smooth look that doesn’t reflect the light . Silk varnish sits between gloss and matt varnishes.

UV Varnish

typically covers the page with a transparent coating that feels very smooth and thick. UV varnishes are usually seen covering the page in a smooth glossy coating that really brings out the colours in the page. They are also available in Matt and tints.

Spot UV

is a technique where you can choose a particular item on the page to cover in UV varnish. It’s done to add vibrancy to the coated item and can really add impact; the contrast of the spot UV element to the rest of the page can be particularly eye-catching. This contrast can be heightened by adding spot UV on top of matt laminated printing.

Textured Varnish

Textured varnish is a glossy varnish that overlays a slightly rippled, tactile finish to the page. It can be used as a spot varnish to enhance the impact of particular page elements and is an interesting and eye-catching alternative to standard gloss varnishes.

Other Varnishes

There are other more creative varnishes on the market today. Sparkly varnishes include metallic flakes to catch the eye and can be applied as a spot varnish. Tinted varnishes add gloss and colour to elements. There’s also the scratch off latex varnish that we’re familiar with lotto tickets – scratch to reveal the numbers underneath.


Embossing creates a raised image on paper or board and gives a stunning effect. With multilevel and sculptured dies the result is impressive

Embossed business cards make a fantastic first impression in business world. Debossing creates an indented look which can be used on thicker materials and book covers giving an appearance of a quality product.

When foiled and then embossed images throw the light in different directions creating an effect that is remarkable.

Foil Blocking

We love foiling. It is available in a range of colours and textures, not just standard gold and silver. It provides a uniquely vibrant image with depth, foiling can be applied to a much larger range of materials in comparison to ink.

Foil blocking on stationery and promotional items adds a quality look. It also allows the graphic designer further options to enhance design by adding bright or subtle finishes using foil or foil and embossing.

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